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August 03, 2017


Always have to end the ones that are easier to win....line your pockets ..I'm fed up with lottery...if ya'll had any sense...instead of making one large win...you would spread out the chances....

Hi, Kevin. Thank you for sharing your perspective! One thing to keep in mind is that there is no perfect system. In the history of modern lotteries, the situations are extremely rare, but drawing fraud has occurred with both ball-drawing equipment and computer equipment. Any system has its own vulnerabilities and there needs to be proper separation of duties and security procedures in place to catch those who would try to commit crime. Those involved in the Hot Lotto fraud attempt here in Iowa were brought to justice. We here at the Iowa Lottery continually review our procedures and protocols to see what improvements we can make to stay one step ahead of those who would try to game the system.

this is the one game i play all the time. I am very upset to see it go.

I see a comment about Eddie Tipton. I just have to comment on that. I am also suspicious about the computer generated draw system. I would like to see a "Balls in a Hopper" style of draw system used in the Hot Lotto replacement game. I also have a hard time believing the computer generated draw system is completely random. I also would like to see numbers hand picked from the hopper and not blown to the top by air pressure. After all ball weight could be an issue with blown to the top ball system and this could be easily manipulated too. I would also like to be able to login to lotto web site and be able to watch the draw live as it happens. My Lotto playing buddies and I have had this discussion more than a few times and we all agree that computer generated draws can easily be controlled or manipulated and we think a completely random draw system would be a better way to pick winning numbers. No, I'm not paranoid! I just want a completely random game and I think many Lotto players agree. I guess maybe Lotto players should be thanking Eddie Tipton for exposing a flawed system.

This is the only game I play so I guess you lost me as lotto player, after Tipton we all new these are scams anyway controlled by a computer.

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