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August 03, 2017


Been playing Hot Lotto sense it started, and have enjoyed it!
I hope replacement game is a $1 buy in, and I would like to see at least a free play for a match 2 white ball ticket in the replacement game. I like the $3 win on a match 2 ticket in the Lucky for Life game.

I believe that if the hot lotto jackpot is not won by the end to the scheduled time, there should be a drawing. People mail in all their non-winning hot lotto tickets that was purchased this year or from the time frame when the jackpot was last won. That gives all the faithful hot lotto players another chance.

I think Ken Lewis has the right idea as far as a prize distribution goes for the Hot Lotto game, assuming the jackpot has not been won at the time the game ends. It should go into the game that replaces Hot Lotto to help start the new jackpot as "seed money" so to speak. Let the new game's jackpot grow from there.

I'm guessing Iowa's share of the left over money is not going to be as large as some of the other 13 states playing Hot Lotto.

I moved to Iowa 3 years ago, I have played hot lotto ever since. Let's play the game til someone wins!!😊

so if the jackpot isnt won the states get a share to use there own way!This jackpot will most likely will go un won and the lottery has the keys,since this games numbers are computer generated and we already have seen the game can be fixed from the lottery side.

The jackpot that got stole should of went back up on the jackpot after they found out it was rigged,but they didnt,they fatten there pockets and pass out a few bucks.

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