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August 22, 2017


Really good comments. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your viewpoints! We said from the beginning of the case that we would follow the facts wherever they led because it was important for us as an organization to know what occurred so we could protect against that type of thing in the future. There never can be a perfect system as long as human beings are involved, but with proper oversight, separation of duties and stringent security protocols, you can guard against those who would try to commit crime -- and catch them when they do. Our mantra has been and will continue to be: Do the right thing.

25 yrs at 50 thousand a year,or so, to warehouse this guy. Iowa taxpayers are hurt a lot more by the punishment, then by the crime.

I'm so glad the judge gave him full penalty. Maybe others will think harder before they try something like this again. It's amazing when you see how easily people can rip off millions of people just for their own pleasure. He had a good job, good benefits, yet thought this was all ok. I know he wont, but wishing he will spend all 25 yrs in prison, in fact it is time to be hard on all criminals, we are in bad shape right now, time to get these asses off the streets. Really be hard on crime, might get people to get jobs and learn to live like the rest of us. I hope his family has the self respect to sell what he bought with that money, and start returning it. Maybe everyone involved should go in front of the same judge, get same sentence, people on the outside will maybe feel somewhat better about what happened. Thank you for letting us voice our opinions,

Mr. Tipton will never be able to pay for the crime he committed. The public trust was at stake. How do you restore hopes & dreams of winning a prize that could make all your dreams come true and then realize that the lottery "can" be rigged. I myself feel the money I have spent on the lottery games should have been used more wisely. But I have dreams & hopes that overrides these facts. I have hopes and dreams now that when Mr. Tipton comes up for a parole hearing these facts are used . What is the price for TRUST !

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