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August 24, 2017


Hi, Sam. Great point. That's precisely why we used rounded figures, saying "around $5" and "about 3 plays per ticket." Whenever you're using averages, the figures will be rounded off.

But the average Iowa Powerball purchase yesterday remained around $5, or about 3 plays per ticket. AT $2.00 EACH HOW DOES 2 GO INTO 5????????????????

Hello. I've blogged a couple different times this month about the long-running lottery jackpot investigation and the outcomes from that. Lotteries have learned a tremendous amount from that case that has allowed us to develop and put in place additional safeguards, separation of duties and security procedures. As long as human beings are involved in any process, it will never be perfect, but our job is to have the best procedures in place that we can designed to stay ahead of those who would try to commit crime -- and then catch them when they do, as occurred in the jackpot investigation case. I do not know what your reference is to when it comes to bonuses. We receive no pay bonuses here at the Iowa Lottery. Lottery proceeds today go to benefit Iowa veterans and their families through the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund, and the many vital programs (education, law enforcement, agriculture, etc.) that receive funding through the state General Fund.

personally,, i'd like to know how the lottery can guarantee their drawings aren't rigged, considering a man was just convicted of doing that.. and maybe explanations as to why profits originally guaranteed to help vets, schools, etc has magically found some of its way to lottery officials bonuses,, what the heck,, one more... how is it legal to tax lottery winnings when only cash payment to purchase is excepted,, with ALREADY taxed money,,,?

Hi, Izmaud. Through the years, TV stations have televised lottery drawing results as a public service to their viewers, who they know are interested in the information. Powerball results are still televised in many markets. But with space and time constraints, details about other smaller games are no longer televised. The good news is that with the Internet, text messaging and our lottery app, there are many additional ways today that you can find that information. Thanks for checking in with us today!

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