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September 26, 2017


Hi, Kevin. Play slips for the Lotto America game will be available in retail locations shortly before the game begins sales. If we put them out too far in advance, people try to buy tickets in a game that is not yet available for sale. The first day of sales in Lotto America will be Sunday, Nov. 12. The first drawing in the game will be Wednesday, Nov. 15.

I will not be participating in the hot lotto was perfect no taxes at all in New Hampshire now it’s just like the rest of the games no sense in playing any of them really maybe just pick 4 for me..New Hampshire resident

Glad to hear the random number generator will be DUMPED and ball system used for Lotto America. Would be nice if draws were broadcast live on Lotto web site?
Also, I know Lotto America play slips have been distributed to retailers, Hope they will be available to players soon?

The all cash jackpot was the best part of Hot Lotto. Disappointed the new game is another annuity option.

This upsets many, that MegaMillions is going to $2. a play. I went to it when PowerBall went up. I am ready to stop playing the lottery. I hope others do the same and you start having a drop in sales. For people on a limited income that the one thing they like is playing a set of numbers with MegaMillions because of its jackpot, will no longer be able to play. I don't smoke but enjoyed the game with a set of numbers each play, that I will no longer be able to afford. I do not like the jackpot with Lotto America that is starting up. It isn't as much. I know I will probably never win, but it is fun to think about once in a while. I invewsted in a set of numbers from the start of MegaMillions that I will no longer be able to play.

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