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September 26, 2017


i only played the hot lotto because the odds were not outrageous ...and the money was tax free. These other games have bad odds, too many numbers, and no winners .
sad the hot lotto ending!

Mega millions should have stayed the same 2.00 tickets is just wrong!

I guess I'm not real happy either changing the Hot Lotto to a non All-cash payout. That was the appeal of the game. And now it's like all the other games. Not to exciting!

you want lottery ticket sales to increase? Let's make some millionaires every week! How? Simple have say a $2 game drawn once a week with winners guaranteed. Instead of picking your numbers the machine will print a different number on each ticket purchased,only purchased tickets will go into that weeks drawing. If the prize fund is say 10 million for that week then draw out ten tickets each winning 1 million dollars! Cash! I f the prize fund was 50 million then 50 1 million dollars winners! The economy and uncle sam will thank you! pw

Hi Barb,

To clarify - Hot Lotto is ending on Oct. 28 and Mega Millions is changing. There will still be a Mega Millions game, it's just changing to a $2 game.

Lotto America debuts in Iowa in November. It will be a new $1 lotto game. If there is any money left in the Hot Lotto prize pool when the game ends on Oct. 28 that money will roll into the new Lotto America game.

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