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October 30, 2017


Hi, Jim. I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment. There was a plan for the jackpot money from Hot Lotto -- it rolled forward into the new Lotto America game, as is explained in this blog. The first jackpot in Lotto America in Wednesday's drawing will be $15 million annuity, $9.5 million cash option. Thank you for playing the Iowa Lottery and good luck with the new game.

What happened to my money in hot lotto would have been nice if you would have had a plan before ending the game

Hi, Charles. I have just posted a new blog entry today that includes a link to the How To Play video for Lotto America. I think that video will answer your questions.

Hi, Kevin. You've made an interesting point, to be sure. But I'm afraid there are as many people who would dislike your idea as there are folks who might like it. I'm sure there are those who would accuse us of doing all sorts of ingenious/nefarious things with the money. The length of time between the start of sales for a particular drawing and the drawing itself will always be consistent in the game.

We play a lottery pool at work and only played Hot Lotto at $5.00 per player, sorry to see it go. If we had won the last drawing of $12,160,000.00 it would of paid the 21 players $579,047.62 per player. With Lotto America being $15,000,000.00 est. taking the cash option and after taxes would be a lose of some $200,000.00 est. per player if we win. So we are looking at all are option on what games to play and been asked about the all star bonus option. Could you tell us how many 2,3,4 and 5 numbers are on the 10 star balls? So we can see if that is a good option if we decide to play Lotto America. I've read that mega millions are 6 no.5, 4 no.3, 3 no.4 and 2 no.2 out of 15 balls. And in my opinion the $12,160,000.00 of the Lotto America should be taxes free if some one wins it being it came from a taxes free game.

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