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October 30, 2017


Why are you waiting to begin sales on Lotto America until Nov. 12 with the first drawing on Nov. 15 ?? That is only 4 days of sales before the first draw. I'm guessing that's the way the system is set up but it seems like you could sell a lot more tickets if the sales started sooner? Especially with the first Jackpot being $15,000,000. I realize the normal period between drawing times is only 3 or 4 days, But why not expand the time to buy tickets on the first draw and bank some extra money through extra sales?

Hi, Kevin. I'll check with our VIP Club folks about that survey link. I know that we often have surveys on our homepage at www.ialottery.com, and for some reason, perhaps the link is broken/isn't working for some reason.

Hi, Brenda. Thirteen states will sell the game when it starts on Nov. 12. And New Hampshire will begin selling Lotto America in January 2018. The states that will be in the game at the start are: Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Dakota and West Virginia.

Not happy about this. For one, now you have a plus the final ball whatever that is called and doesn't pay as much. This is a scam!

I and 50 million Americans would like for the numbers to be left alone. It gets harder to play, the jackpots are insane. What happened to letting more people win smaller millions and more often? You add more numbers, then an extra ball? Please, leave these as they are or think about relaxing them a bit. I liked Megamillions and preferred Powerball, until you hiked the price tag to $2 a play, and $3 for adding the multiplier. You doubled your income essentially. What does it take. 100 numbers? $5 per line? $2 for adding the multiplier? Don't get greedy!

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