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October 13, 2017


What a joke. The hot lotto ended above 12M folks and now the lottery deems its doing us a favor by playing for a 15m annuity? The Hot lotto game was taxes paid. So now if you win you win 7.5Million minus taxes (approx lump sum). So maybe you get 5million when before you would of had 12. So where does all that other money go? Well sounds like its up to the states lottery system. I assume there was no formal written by laws for this and why they were deciding what to do in the article. Why not keep playing till it was won and then end the game?
Sounds like a class action lawsuit to me.

Hi, Jimmie. The final drawing in the Hot Lotto game was held on Saturday, Oct. 28. Because the game has ended, information about it is no longer available on our home page. But the details about the game are still on the Hot Lotto game page on our website. Here is a link to the winning numbers page for Hot Lotto: http://www.ialottery.com/Pages/Games-Online/HotLottoWin.aspx

Hi, Jerry. The lump-sum amount of a jackpot is always dependent upon interest rates for the annuities that would be purchased. So, the cash value is not a set amount of the annuity value. In Lotto America, players who choose the annuity option will receive their jackpot in 30 payments made over 29 years.

Hi, Matt. I can tell you put a lot of feeling into what you wrote. So thank you for sharing your thoughts. To clarify one point, the initial discussions were for the money from the jackpot pool to be returned to the states in the Hot Lotto game in proportion to the percentage of sales from each state. Here in Iowa, unclaimed prize money goes into the lottery's prize pools for future games and promotions, so that money is given away to players. As you know, the lotteries in the Hot Lotto game later voted for the money in the jackpot prize pool to roll forward into the new Lotto America game that will start on Nov. 12.

Yes, it will have the Play 'Em All feature! And with the numbers 1-10 being in the Star Ball pool, it will be an easy feature to utilize in the game.


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