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October 13, 2017


How come the Hot Lotto numbers for the 28th were not posted? If there was no drawing on the 28th, how come I was sold a ticket?

should have been a forceout-learn somethinng from the racing industry

How are the lump sum determined for the jackpot vs the annuity? Is the lump sum 60% of the jackpot value? Which would be $1.2 million on a $2 Million jackpot? Annuity spread out over a 25 year period? Small amounts at first increasing to maximum at year 25?

This carryover money into an annuity is a total scam. Simple math shows us that the cash payout would be ~60% of the annuity total. Then, taxes would take another ~40% of that. Therefore, the actual cash take home after winning the new Lotto America annuity jackpot is approximately 1/3 of what it would be if the game stayed the same. This is being sold by the lotteries as some great idea and they are patting themselves on the back for listening to their customers. Let's not forget they initially were not going to carryover any money and just keep it for themselves.

It upsets me that MegaMillions will go to $2. a ticket. I'm ready to no longer play the lottery.

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