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November 09, 2017


I hope whoever enters winning numbers for Lotto America wakes up soon, I'm anxious to see winning numbers for first draw of Lotto America. It's 6:55 am Thursday, Nothing on web site yet?

That's right, Jill! The first jackpot up for grabs in Lotto America will be $15 million annuity, $9.5 million cash value. The first drawing in the new game is tomorrow night. Good luck to everyone playing.

Super excited to start playing!

The jackpot for the first draw is actually $15 million instead of $2 million though because the funds not won in the last Hot Lotto draw are being used :) Source: https://www.lotto.net/lotto-america

Hi, Mark. You are right that we keep the play slips "in reserve" until just before a new game starts or until tickets in it are actually on sale. In the past, we had tried putting play slips out in advance, but it caused confusion. Some people tried to use them right away and didn't understand that the game wasn't starting sales until later. We have found that the current approach works best to avoid confusion.

Thank you for playing, Kevin. We hope that you'll have fun with the new game.

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