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December 06, 2017


I think you should advertise wins, but do not require names or pictures. Too many scammers and nefarious people out there, you are risking peoples safety by not allowing people to opt-out of advertising. Also, based on your current record, posting pictures does not prevent rigged games.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'm glad you like the InstaPlay games. We thought they would make for a fun, new product here in Iowa. William, we do have on our website a listing of all Iowa Lottery winners of $600 or more. Maybe that is what you are looking for? Here is a direct link to that list: http://www.ialottery.com/PDF/winnersforwebsite.pdf

I think these games are so great!GREAT PAYOUTS!! I can't wait to see more come out! (They also give my hand a break from scratching tickets 😂.)
But in all seriousness I think they are wonderful addition to the Iowa Lottery! Thank you all!

Please all keep these games going. We plan them and like them.

why don't you post other winnings; such as, $100 or $1000 so we can see
how many larger winnings there are. I've played progressive consistantly
throughout the year and I think I won one $50 payout, mostly $2, $5, or $10.And as the jackpots get bigger, even the smaller winnings get fewer. I am probably going to quit playing them.

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