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March 16, 2018


I have an idea for a new game. When any of the games such as powerball, megamillions, or lotto America reach a certain limit, say for example $100,000,000.00 million dollars and no one has picked the winning numbers. This will trigger a new, televised live game show that will
pick winning numbers of players who purchase new tickets for the live
Saturday evening show. All the numbers picked on the live show will be winning numbers of tickets that were purchased for the show and not random numbers. Multiple winners will be chosen for cash prizes ranging from say:$1,000 to 1,000,000.00 (one thousand to one million) dollars or more. I believe this type of game would generate more money for the states, more winners, not to mention massive economic activity. I hope you might consider such a game. If other readers agree with this idea, please copy, paste and pass it on.
Tom L.
Walnut, IA

This is why about once every 6 weeks we make a weekend road trip to Kansas and purchase multi draw tickets where winners have the right to remain anonymous.

When the jackpot reaches into the hundreds of millions they should draw for SEVERAL winners!! Make several people comfortable for the rest of their lives!!

The Iowa lottery can do many things to make sure that a winning ticket is really a valid ticket without having to reveal the winner's identity.

If its a law, then it needs to be changed for the safety of the players.

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