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March 02, 2018


Hi, Pam. I appreciate that you took time to read this blog and to comment. If you ever have a concern about the Iowa Lottery and its operations, you are welcome to call our Security Division, where one of our security investigators can talk with you. Or, if you aren't comfortable calling the lottery, you can always call your local law-enforcement agency to visit with them. We take our work and the security of the lottery seriously and will visit with anyone about it.

Nice trip paid by Iowa lottery players.

I agree with Bradley. Can the Lottery be trusted to be honest?

Hi, Bradley. I'm sorry that you were given incorrect information about what happened to the jackpot money in this case. The money from the jackpot went back to the states in proportion to the sales that had come from each state. Here in Iowa, we gave away our portion of that money back in 2012 in the "Mystery Millionaire" promotion. The finale event was held live at the Iowa State Fair, and a retired police officer won the promotion's top prize of $1 million that day. Dozens of other prizes also were given away in the promotion, so the money did indeed go to pay prizes to players.

Yes and the lottery made out like a bandit on this deal. They kept the jackpot and never paid it out. As Soon as they refused to pay it the jackpot should have jumped right back as if it had not been won at all. Go back to drawing balls out of the hopper and show it live and this would have never happened.

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