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March 26, 2018


Hi, George. I think you're referencing potential income tax questions, while what I addressed are the withholding taxes that are taken out when the prize is paid. While the withholding amounts are designed to account for the tax liability that someone would have for the prize, you are correct that a winner may owe more than or less than that amount, depending upon his or her individual circumstances outside of winning a lottery prize. In some instances the withholding may be too much, in others, it may not be enough. That's why we always suggest that our winners consult a lawyer or financial planner as quickly as possible to go over all of the details that may apply to them.

After all taxes are paid at the end of the year you will will have 204,900 left . Fed tax for 365,000 is 35% state income for 365,000 is 8.9% one of the highest in the country.

Oh, that makes sense, Mark! I will pass along your comment. Thank you for sharing your insight.

Hi Mary! Sorry to have to put this here, but could you pass along a suggestion to whomever runs the poll on the main page?

It would be nice to be able to answer the poll with the answer "I don't like this game" or something similar when applicable- it will give you a better feel for the correct answers of your players. There has been more than once I have either had to give an incorrect answer, or not participate because none of the available answers fit!


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