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May 18, 2018


Clayburn Cox, you can watch the how these winning numbers were drawn on thehoosierlottery You Tube page.

Hi, Clayburn. That's not how odds work in a game like Pick 4. They're different from other lotto games. That's because the drawings in Pick 4 aren't for a set of four numbers. There are four separate ball-drawing machines in a Pick 4 drawing, and each machine selects just one number. So, for example, if the number "1" is selected by the first machine, it can also be selected by the second machine, and the third and the fourth. That's how it's possible that 1-1-1-1 can be a winning combination in Pick 4. That's also why the odds of winning the game's top prize of $30,000 are just 1 in 10,000. Those were the odds of winning each of the $30,000 prizes involved. That's part of what makes a game like Pick 4 a little different.

Looks like you still have a problem with someone knowing the "winning" numbers before they are even drawn. Two five dollar bets on the same 4 numbers on the same day at the same place? and a |straight| bet to boot. The odds of that occurring in this universe are very, very close to "nil". People will get wise one of these days that your games are all rigged and you will have a pretty price to pay.

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