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August 13, 2018


Hi, Lynn. I know some folks might not be satisfied unless ALL of the winners were in Iowa, but that wouldn't make the other states very happy, would it?! :) Our Pick 3 and Pick 4 games are Iowa-only exclusives, as are our scratch games, pull-tab games and InstaPlay games. We do our best to keep a mix of products available, and for our bigger jackpot games, it takes a larger population to achieve those giant prizes. But there are options if you're looking for Iowa only.

so we should only buy tickets in IOWA that are restricted to IOWA only and what pray tell is that called ? ( Elusive Dream ? ) lol !

Hi, James. The difference is simply be due to differences in the prize structure/game matrixes of the individual games. In quickly reviewing the prize structures of the Minnesota game vs. our Pick 3 game here in Iowa, I see that the game in your state has a "first digit" option that we don't have here. So, some prize money would be dedicated to that prize level in Minnesota that is dedicated to other prize levels here in Iowa, including the top-prize level. We do not sell Iowa Lottery products online, so you would need to buy tickets at a retail location in Iowa. But we do offer the option so you can buy tickets for multiple drawings at a time. In the Pick 3 game, for example, you can buy tickets for up to 16 consecutive drawings at a time. Perhaps that would help from a convenience factor.

On a one dollar pick 3, straight, Iowa pays $600.00 for a winning ticket, where as on a one dollar daily 3 ticket, straight, in Minnesota, pays $500.00 on a winning ticket. Why is this? Living in northern Minnesota, is it possible to purchase Iowa pick 3 and or pick 4 tickets by any means other than driving to your fine state? Thanks!

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