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September 26, 2018


Hi, Jose. The public disclosure requirement here in Iowa has been in place since the Iowa Lottery started back in 1985. It was a key part of the long-running lottery jackpot investigation that ultimately resulted in confessions last year from three men who admitted to committing lottery fraud. Some people will unfortunately try to do a lot of things when money is involved, and there need to be safeguards and disclosure requirements in place to help catch them when they do. I recognize your right to your own opinion on this matter, but I respectfully disagree.

Hi, John. During the holiday season each year, we release the holiday-themed games that you now see available for sale in stores. There is only so much room in our dispensers and vending machines, so "regular" games are generally replaced with holiday-themed games just for the next few months. Our regular games will return to shelves in January, after the holidays. We do our best to keep the odds nearly the same in our holiday-themed games as opposed to our regular games. The holiday games have fewer overall prizes available simply because they're only going to be in the market for a few months. Our regular games are often designed to last for several months or a few years at a time, so more tickets and more prizes are involved in them. The odds of winning are nearly the same, it's simply the overall size of the game that is different.

It's absolute horse manure that state law requires winners to be public. It servers ZERO purpose other than to further the ads of the Iowa lottery. It should be changed to allow a person to remain out of the public view.

Why did you replace the 3-5and 10 dollar crossword puzzles with holiday versions that have fewer available prizes and somewhat worse odds??

That's exactly right, Kevin!

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