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October 29, 2018


Hi, Leo. In Iowa, the law requires that lottery winner's information is public, so names must be disclosed here.

Is there a way to win the lottery and not have the name disclosed in the media?

Thanks, Sherry! We HAVE done our best to think through the real-world factors that would come into play with those payments.

Hi, Jon. The annuitized payments would increase a bit with each payment. I didn't list the entire 30-payment schedule, as that would have been a bit ... long. The 30th and final payment of $21.3 million compares to the 29th payment of $20.3 million, for example. The payments would increase over time to accommodate for inflation.

I found the explanation of the annuity payout very interesting. I just assumed the annual payments were all the same amount. Sounds like the lottery is really trying to watch out for the winner over time, and by setting it up this way more principal is left to grow even more over time.

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