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December 31, 2018


Hi again, Frank. I double-checked the list of winning numbers in Mega Millions, and it shows that 8 and 18 have both been selected as the Mega Ball within the past year. The number 18 came up as the Mega Ball in 2018 on Nov. 27, Oct. 9, and Jan. 16. The number 8 was selected as the Mega Ball on Aug. 24 and March 6. You're right that it's all random, so you never know when a particular number will hit again. Here is a link to the page where you can call up the list yourself if you'd like to review it when you have time. Just go to the Winning Numbers page for Mega Millions on our website and then click on the link in blue at the bottom for "Mega Millions Winning Numbers Text File." https://ialottery.com/Pages/Games-Online/MegaMillionsWin.aspx

We're always glad to read and see comments to the blog, Frank, so thank you for reaching out. We also appreciate the sense of humor that comes through in your message. Good luck with your lottery play!

Hi, Kevin. We completely recognize that you are entitled to your own opinion on this front. But here in Iowa, state law requires that lottery winners' information is public.

Can you have the numbers 8 or 18 appear as a Mega Ball in Mega Millions someday? I know you do it at Random, but I haven't seen 18 being the Mega Ball in 2018.
Playing Mega Millions helps me so I don't go to the Lakeside Casino in Osceola, Iowa. It is too easy to lose to much money there. Also, if you are a winning streak it usually is only $1000 that you can win in a day.

Good to see someone win some money from the Iowa Lottery. Maybe, someday this 1976-1980 single U.S. Veteran can win a prize bigger than $12.00 on the Mega-Millions.
Thanks for reading my letter.

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