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June 18, 2019


Hi, Walter. Great minds think alike! We gave away Iowa's portion of that Hot Lotto jackpot clear back in 2012. The promotion in which we gave away the prize was called "Mystery Millionaire" and we held a live event on the Grand Concourse of the Iowa State Fair to determine the biggest winners in that promotion. It was such an awesome day! Here is a link to our YouTube video of that event at the 2012 State Fair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwAe1hG2zDo

This has been a great promotion, and I can think of a way you can do something like this again...You can start by giving away the prize (or portion thereof that Iowa received back) that was stolen from the players by the actions of Mr. Tipton. That might restore some faith in players who are still appalled by what happened. I understand games have rules, and that game is no longer, but what ever happened to that prize money?? Might be a chance to sell more Lotto America tickets?!?

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! Who Hoo!!!!

Congratulations to the winners!!

Hi, everyone. The results of our promotion drawing today are posted now. A group of co-workers in an office pool at a Cedar Rapids company won the $1 million prize. An Anamosa woman had made the promotion entry on behalf of the office pool. Thank you for everyone who entered and joined in this fun moment with us!

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