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June 07, 2019


HELP! I filled out your helpform but like someone above I can't get in. The "click here" gives an error message. I tried manually putting in the link that was in the email and it would not go either.

So, after the initial state and federal withholding, a single/sole winner gets $710,000. Would that amount then get taxed next tax season starting at the winner’s highest tax bracket per their income, whatever it happens to be, or would the winnings be taxed starting at square one - the very first bracket, and so on up the chain? Thanks

Hi again, Tiffany, Kenneth, Alan and Rebecca. Our VIP Club team has sent emails to each of you, but I'll post this update here on the blog as well in case you check back here first. For Tiffany, our VIP Club team sent you a new link this morning to complete your registration. Kenneth, they also sent you a new link this morning. Alan, I don’t believe you had actually joined our VIP Club yet, as we do not have a registration form from you. Our VIP Club team sent you instructions for how to join. And Anna, you are correct: You are already a member. Our VIP Club team sent you a direct link so you can reset your password.

Hi, Rich. The entry period in the "Woo Hoo A Million For You Giveaway" is still underway, so there isn't a final number yet. Players can enter tickets into the promotion through 8:59 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, June 18). But I do not expect that there will be more than 1 million entries in the drawing.

I would like to know how many entries were made, was it over a million?

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