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July 22, 2019


Hi, Dixie. All the details about the settlement process and how to file a claim are in this blog entry from Sept. 9:

I played Hot Lotto, Power Ball & Mega Millions every week during the times Eddit Tipton controlledthe numbers. How do I file for this settlement?

No body keeps non-winning tickets unless they know or suspect fraudulent activities are going on. I also bought many tickets during this time, $5.00 worth twice a week for Wednesdays and Saturdays drawings. I believe I am owed some money from this lawsuit.

I never kept non winners. I had a lot of them.

I played Hot Lotto religiously $5 twice a week. I thank Eddie Tipton for revealing that lotto games can be rigged when the winning numbers are computer generated and not the old original balls in a hopper method of drawing numbers. As far as I know Lotto America and Lucky 4 Life are the old balls in a hopper games and these are the 2 games I play religiously now. I've upped the stakes a bit and now I play 8 picks each twice a week on these two games, (just for the record) Mega Ball and Power Ball are also balls in a hopper games but the odds are better on Lotto America and Lucky 4 Life. Thanks again Eddie

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