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August 14, 2019


Hi, Jeff. The Hot Lotto game did have an all-taxes-paid feature for jackpot prizes in its last few years, but that game ended in 2017. A little later that year, a new game was introduced, which is called Lotto America. They're not the same product -- Lotto America has its own features that make it unique, and it continues to offer players a $1 option for playing lotto games. It does not have the all-taxes-paid feature for jackpots.

Remember HOT LOTTO ? It is now Lotto America or America lotto or something,liked Hot Lotto was fine.
Any way wasn't taxes all paid when it was Hot Lotto ? Or was i dreaming ? So if so,is it same for Lotto America,since I'm told it's same game,just different name ?

Ah, good point, Doug. Technically, the state withholding applies at winnings of $600.01 or more, and the federal withholding applies to winnings of $5,000.01 or more. But I clarified the verbiage in this blog entry to try to make it clear.

Here in Iowa, a state withholding rate of 5 percent is applied to all lottery prizes of $600 or more.
Shouldn’t you say $601 or more?

I don't have any research about that particular point, George. The withholding-rate decisions are made by our state and federal lawmakers, and we apply the withholdings that are specified in the law.

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