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March 25, 2020


Hi, Michael. Please know that I always read the comments here on the blog and do my best to be cognizant of what people are feeling based upon their comments. The changes in Powerball are not being made on a whim or at random. They're being made because the Powerball game and the prizes it offers are based upon mathematics. And with sales in the game drastically down in areas hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis and down across the country in general, there simply isn't the money available to continue the game in its previous format. We understand that folks have much more important issues on their minds these days than purchasing lotto tickets, and in many instances, they're simply not in a position to make the purchase. Safety is what matters now, and all of us getting through this together. But in the meantime, changes have to be made on many different fronts, including the Powerball game, to accommodate the reality we all are currently experiencing.

I hope the Lottery officials are paying attention to the comments here. I have a feeling they won't until the tickets sales fall even further. People are losing their jobs because of the pandemic and are stressed out, nothing like kicking them when they're down.

Hi, James. I provided these details to a couple other folks here on this blog entry, but I'll share the background with you as well. The question about online play is a legal distinction rather than a purely business decision. It would take a change in state law for all lottery products to be sold online in Iowa. Please make your voice heard to your state lawmakers so they know your thoughts on the issue. But by sharing your opinion here, it helps us gauge the public's interest in playing online.

Since people can’t get out start selling tickets online..... also if you are dropping the prize amounts to $1 levels them lower the purchase price to $1

You will lose players. At least I won't pay 2 dollars for lower jackpots

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