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March 19, 2020


Hi, Bob. Some U.S. lotteries do sell their products online, but the person making the purchase on the Internet must be within the borders of the state at the time. It is against federal law for there to be interstate gambling, so any lottery play on the Internet must be conducted on an intrastate basis. Geo-gating restrictions prohibit play on the Internet by those who are physically located outside that particular state.

Hi, is it possible to play out of state lottery games over the internet? If so, which states allow out of state residents to play their games?

Hi, Mike. You are correct that a subscription service would be a convenience, especially at this time. But here in Iowa, state law would need to be changed for all lottery products to be sold on the Internet. By sharing your comment here, you help us gauge interest in online play. But please be sure to make your voice heard to your local legislators so they know where you stand on the issue as their constituent. They are the ones who make the decisions about Iowa law. If you don't know who the members of the Iowa Legislature are for your area, here is a direct link to the page on the legislative website where you can look that up: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find

Is there a subscription option to purchase tickets? That would be a great option for those that are sheltering at home.

Hi, J. Will do. As a quick reminder, the multi-draw feature here in Iowa will return to the Powerball game this Thursday (April 9). As soon as sales begin that morning, which usually happens around 12:30 a.m., you will again be able to purchase Powerball plays for up to ten drawings in advance. The short discontinuation of the multi-draw function that is currently underway was part of the procedures required to ensure people were aware of the changes being made in the game.

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