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April 02, 2020


Hi, Kay. The Power Play numbers remain unchanged. I have an earlier blog entry that talks about the numbers in the Power Play pool, and how that process works. Please feel free to check it out, as I think it will answer your question:

It looks like they also changed the powerplay options???!

No matter what they roll in the powerplay you only win 2x the non powerplay amount?

Are they trying to get people not to play?

I posted this earlier in the comments string and will post it here again now. For the folks asking whether the changes in Powerball and Mega Millions are temporary or permanent, that remains to be seen. As members of society, we've all altered our everyday routines and cut down on non-essential trips during this emergency, which is impacting the sale of any number of items, including lottery tickets. The lotteries that sell the games will continue to monitor what's occurring with them in the days and weeks ahead. Regarding the ticket price in the games, Powerball and Mega Millions are based upon mathematics, and there have not been enough sales in the games amid the current crisis to continue to support their previous prize structures. If the ticket price were lowered to $1, that would only make the difficulties in the games that much worse. Many people around the country are simply not in a position to buy tickets at this time, and we understand that. But we have to deal with the reality we're facing, and that meant changes to the games.

I see you are still maintaining your $2.00 price but lowering the Jackpots. The reason for the higher price was higher Jackpots. Is this the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon a dollar for the jackpot and a dollar for the states, 2 dollars for the jackpot 1-2 dollars for the states, 3 dollars for the jackpot 1-2-3 dollars for the states, etc? If you are lowering the Jackpots and amount of growth then lower the price to the original $1 plus $1 power play. Just my 2 cents.

A quick update to confirm for everyone that the multi-draw feature was re-instated as scheduled this morning in the Powerball game. As soon as sales started today here in Iowa, the multi-draw was available again. Please feel free to use it if you would like to buy tickets for multiple drawings as a time.

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