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April 30, 2020


Hi, Gina. It sounds like perhaps your issue has already been resolved, but in general, when you receive the "see a retailer" message, it can mean that a step was missed in the process to make the tickets "live" when the store involved began selling them. Our scratch tickets are not activated -- meaning they are not live -- when they are delivered to a retail location. The store that receives the tickets has to scan them to activate them before it begins selling them. If that step is missed in the process, the results of the ticket can't be read properly afterwards, and you as the player can receive a message saying "see a retailer." If you get a message like that again, please feel free to check back with the store where you bought your ticket to ensure that it was activated.

I think it's much better after the update

Why do some tickets tell me to see a retailer when I use mobile scanner?

Hi, Jennifer. If your ticket is damaged to the point that the "Scratch to Cash" code can't be scanned on the app, there isn't another way to check the ticket on the app. The ticket can manually be checked at a retail location if the identifying numbers from the front and back of the ticket are still legible and can be entered manually by a clerk. If both the code and the identifying numbers on the ticket are damaged, you can always send the ticket to us at the lottery and we can see if there is enough information still legible on the ticket for us to be able to look it up. Unfortunately when tickets are damaged, it sometimes isn't even possible for us to find enough information on them to determine the outcome of the ticket, but we can try. If you do send the ticket to us, please sign the back of it and include an explanatory note that you would like us to try to determine the outcome of the damaged ticket.

Hi, Jana. A suggestion you might try is to access the app from your mobile carrier connection rather than from wifi to avoid the two platforms from interrupting each other. And, if you still have the particular ticket that caused the app to be slow in returning results, please feel free to send an image of the ticket to us at wmaster@ialottery.com. We can have our I.T. folks look up the particular results of that ticket on the app to determine what may have happened as it was being scanned.

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