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May 29, 2020


Hi, Douglas. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the mobile app when scanning your tickets. We recommend trying to clear your cache or memory for the app and try again. And, when scanning tickets, be sure to always click/tap on the “Clear Scan Results” button before scanning the next ticket AND before closing the app. Without knowing everything that is in use on an individual’s phone it is hard to say what else may be contributing to the issue. It could be other apps, settings or permissions. We have reviewed the app and its usage since the update, and about 80,000 to 90,000 folks are using it daily. We have only heard from a handful of players who are having difficulty with it. I’m not in I.T. or tech support, but am trying my best to find things that may work to correct the situation, such as clearing the memory or cache and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. We cannot control what else an individual has loaded on their phone that could also be contributing to the issue. For the majority of players, the app is functioning properly. If we think of anything else you can try, we will certainly let you know.

autofill correction: "when the app was updated in early May"

Since the "scan a ticket" app around hhe early part of May, it has not worked very well. (When it was changed to include lear scan results after each scan.)
Sometimes I can scan a ticket, but often it just acts like it's buffering or trying to load information. If by chance it does let me scan the first ticket, after touching clear scan results,I am never able to move on and check the next ticket, it just has a gray box with a series of dots repeating as if trying to access information, but never does.
This app used to be a great feature to use, so handy to quickly check tickets, but since the change was made, very frustrating! I have gone back to manually checking the numbers.
Not sure if this has been brought to your attention, but I'm fairly certain it is not an issue with my phone. (Android)
Thanks in advance for your input.

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