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May 07, 2020


Love your input and insight, Kevin. Thank you especially for being someone who has remained positive during this pandemic. It's not always an easy thing to do, but we're better as human beings when we find ways to build each other up rather than try to tear each other down. Have a good weekend, and be safe!

How about a bringing back a game like $100,000 Daily Game?
Always enjoyed this game and a friend of mine actually won $100,000 on this game.

I have an idea for similar but whole new Lotto game that resembles the old $100,000 Daily Game. It would go something like this...

It would be called "Lucky Ones". It would be a $1 play game and could be either a daily game or a Sunday, Tuesday, Friday game.
Just a simple 5 pick game, out of 50 possible numbers.
The win schedule would be...
Match 2 = 1 Free Play, Match 3 = $11, Match 4 = $111 and the Jackpot would always be set at $111,111.
This is where the game gets its name "Lucky Ones"
Maybe a new game is just what people are looking for?
and Yes! Playing Lotto is an "Essential Purchase" so everybody put on that mask and get out there and have some fun.
It could be just what the doctor ordered and maybe change your life in a FANTASTIC way!!!!!
Thanks again for the fun!!!

I totally enjoy playing Lotto America, great game for just a buck a play. I also understand that the game needs to be self sufficient.
However I think the payout schedule needs a little work to keep players winning and interested in playing. If the smaller payouts were more like Lucky 4 Life it would make the game more fun and keep people interested and in the game.

If the smaller payouts were...
Match Star ball $2 payout is good keep it as is,
But match Star ball and 1 white ball also a $2 payout is currently also just a $2 win, This should be a $3 payout due to higher odds,
Also if a 2 white ball match was a free play this would get players back to the Lotto terminal and chances are they will not only cash in the free play but also purchase additional plays and create more sales for the game which with your new jackpot rules would increase the jackpot and keep player interest up.
The thrill of winning is what drives the game and free plays would not cost the Lotto anything to keep people in the game and interested.
My strategy is play 10 plays and cover all the Star balls so I always win at least $2. 10 plays for $8, That's a GREAT DEAL!
Thanks for All the Fun, Keep up the good work!!

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