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August 21, 2020


Hi, Ken. First, let me say in all seriousness that I'm glad you're paying attention to the details of the promotion and are putting a lot of thought into how you want to enter. As you likely already are aware, we have switched out the eligible games with each different entry period of the promotion so we would give the most players a chance to enter. The highest prizes available in the promotion are in the categories that involve our higher price-point tickets. We weren't tying the number of prizes available in each drawing directly to the individual tickets, but rather, kept the number of prizes involved consistent from drawing to drawing within the promotion. I hope that helps explain our thought process as we designed the promo, but I'll share your thoughts with our team as well so we can keep your perspective in mind as we plan out our future promotions. Thank you again for playing, and good luck with your entries!

I see in "The Prize Zone" the top prize for the up coming draw is $5000.00. With the non-winning tickets from the Jewel game book. That sells for $20.00 a ticket, 3 winners will be drawn. In the last draw the ticket was Xtreme winnings that sold for $10.00 each, and also had 3 winners drawn. In sticking with the mental rules of fair play. (Granted you make the rules). shouldn't to prize be $10.000.00 or the number of prizes being awarded be doubles to 6? I will play anyway, and I will enter my non-winning tickets. Because I feel it is still a chance. And that is better than nothing. Thanks for reading. Stay safe.


Hi, Dennis. There are a couple quick ways that can help in this regard, one that will allow you to get right to the coupon if you still have an active VIP Club account. First, please double-check something in your VIP Club settings: To receive your monthly newsletter and coupon, you needed to choose "yes" to receiving email communications from the lottery when you signed up for the club. If you didn't choose "yes," please use the "Account Management" link on the VIP Club homepage and update your profile to make that change. If you did click "Yes" when you joined, we now have a direct link where you can access the newsletter on the VIP Club website and get your coupon there. When you log into your VIP Club account, click on the "VIP Connection & Coupon" link on the home page. That will take you to the page where you can access the current month's edition of the newsletter, which includes your free-play coupon. If it has been a long time since you logged into your VIP Club account, it may no longer be active, as we scrub the list periodically for inactive accounts. If you have further questions, please email our VIP Club staffers so they can check our account lists. Here is a direct link to the help form for the VIP Club: https://www.ialottery.com/Pages/VIPClub/HelpForm.aspx

I never get a chance for a free ticket.Why,i would like to know you people have my email address?

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