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September 03, 2020


Sounds like a RiNKyDinK Retailer to Me. I'd find a place to buy your tickets that accepts Debit card for lottery. According to state law they do not have to accept Debit card as payment if they don't want to.
Especially during the current Covid outbreak Debit card eliminates handling filthy cash and makes for a safer transaction.

I have never been turned down for using a debit card, but some debit cards allow for use as debit or credit. If you hit credit, it will not go through. It usually gets tagged immediately, and has to be rerun as debit. I assume the reason credit cards are not allowed is a for multiple reasons. Credit often takes more than 24 hrs to process fully and if the charge was declined, it would be too late for the store to do much. Second, and I only guess this, that perhaps to prohibit gambling addictions causing further debt issues. Gambling on credit, is spending money you do not have in reality. For those reasons alone, I understand and agree with the no credit purchase of lottery items. As far as debit, strictly debit, there should be no reason for it to be denied, save for businesses without the ability to process cards at all. That would be rare I think. Just talking, do not mind me lol.

I just read this. I am not sure why this person was not able to use their debit card from the retailer. Or WHY the retailer made it so difficult for them. Your explanation is not sufficient. If the retailer has Lottery--they should accept the debit card as a form of payment.(and not refuse the consumer when they want to use that form of payment) Simple as that. If a store wants to be a Lottery retailer--they should understand that those that want to buy tickets will use debit cards. (and not refuse them) It will be a price they will have to take on in the real world for the business they will get from the lottery sales. The real world is a fact--people use debit cards now.

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