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October 06, 2020


Hi, Bev. The Powerball drawings are held in Florida, while the Mega Millions drawings are held in Georgia. And as you have said, there will be more winners in places where more tickets are sold. Another way of putting it is that if 5 percent of lottery tickets are sold in a particular area, you expect to find about 5 percent of overall winners there, and that's been the case with the Iowa Lottery.

I get discouraged each time I see the Million Dollars Game winners 99.9% of the time being from other states. Iowa started the Power Ball game & very seldom is there an Iowa winner in the millions winning games. It somehow seems unfair that there aren't more big win games for Iowa players only. I know, population density supposedly is the reason, but if a million people buy a ticket, the state they bought it in shouldn't determine that's where the winner should be even though more people purchased there. In what state are the winning numbers drawn?? Maybe it's just me but something just doesn't seem right.

Hi, Steve. That's right. Don's last win was around Christmas time in 2018. Here is a direct link to the information on our website about his win from that time: https://ialottery.com/Pages/Pressroom/PressReleaseDetail.aspx?winnerID=291

This is his second big InstaPlay win. He also won nearly $65,000 on a Jackpot Party Progressive ticket bought at his convenience store in December 2018.

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