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December 23, 2020


Hi, Karla. You are correct: The winners in our promotional drawings are determined from among all the entries made. Sometimes there are individual categories within our drawings, and in those instances, the winners are selected from all the entries in that category. We'll often have more than a million entries into a particular drawing, so that is part of the fun, too. It's a second chance at winnings!

How are the winner's decided from play it again games,are all the ticket numbers entered in to a computerized drawing? Just wondering, would be nice to win in the play it again game but like they say luck of the draw a person never knows,it could be there day to be the lucky winner.

for Christmas i got 45 dollars worth of scratch tickets 3 ten dollars n 3 five dollars , i won 5 dollars out of the bunch ,same price of the ticket , i will be telling my family not to buy theses anymore . Merry Christmas !!

maybe you should have less numbers rather than adding more ? the bigger the amount the more you keep , i get it ,but the people are sick of it ,and to top it off you have scratch tickets you call a winner when its the same amount the ticket cost and there are far more of the these than winners

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