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January 31, 2021


Hi, Lisa. You are correct that the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games we offer here in Iowa are our state's version of the popular numbers games. If there comes a time when we believe we can add new features to the games here in Iowa, we'll communicate with players about that so everyone understands the details involved.

Ok so pick 4 pick 3 iowa used the Illinois lottery numbers and Iowans got mad because Illinois used a extra ball in the drawing yet telling Iowans the extra ball didn't mean nothing to iowa games. So then Iowa decided to go to the worst number draw game, now being played out of Indiana who uses a extra ball too. Why does iowa keep using other states lottery games and picks that uses extra balls and different game structure then forces it down our throats and say its not our game. Well yes it is, if you are using a pick 3 and pick 4 game from another state that uses extra balls, then you best get our tickets set up according to that states game. Last nigh 295 extra ball 1 was called, now although you may think of the numbers has no special link there is so instead of thinking of 295 numbers and what will come in next to play the player as to figure in that dead ball draw of 1 that Iowa doesn't play like the state they are making us use numbers from. this is getting ridicoulous use someone elses number but use different play tactics

Hello, A.C. I appreciate you taking the time to leave that feedback! It's our job to make sure people know the details about lottery happenings, even when it's not the best news. It's easy to talk about the good stuff, but the not-so-good stuff needs attention, too! Thank you again. :)

Thank you for your honesty and truthfulness reference the Pick 3 drawing. It solidifies the integrity of the game and its employees. Thank you!!

How cool is that? That game DOES have colors and stars a lot like those in the Iowa Lottery's old logo. Maybe this means our influence is felt far beyond the borders of our state! :)

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