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March 30, 2021


Thank you so much!

Hi, Landon. Please feel free to use the tips in this blog to help guide the process along. It can help the clerks quickly and easily find the "Play 'Em All" screen and then you can get your plays.

No one knows what I’m talking about when I ask for this option. It’s like I speaking a foreign language. Today I walked into two stores and had to explain it to them while customers behind me were waiting to be served. I left both stores without a ticket. So frustrating. The staff at all stores are not informed or trained about this. Someone is dropping the ball here. (pardon the pun).

Thank YOU for helping in the process, Evelyn. The best thing we can do as consumers is be well informed, and you are doing that! We will keep working to provide information to retailers as well.

I play the Play Em All, Lotto America option every week. I find it odd that most of the cashiers do not know about this option. I have had to explain to them where the Special Offers button is and how to print out the ticket. I have heard multiple cashiers say Oh, I've never seen that before. Happy to help them learn something new.

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