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March 19, 2021


Hi, Ksea. Thank you for entering the social media contest for March! We do our best to keep the questions different and fun. The winners in the contests are selected from among all the correct answers received in that month's contest. There were no "incorrect" answers in the March contest. You could choose from among any of the three answers. The winners are then selected from among the entries received, and in March, there were 2,271 eligible entries. I hope that answer helps provide more background about how the contest process works.

I was one of the 53% that answered the question march 15th the ? was Do You feel lucky,? I answered sometimes. So why isn't my name with the winners??

Hi, Bob. I think you're referencing the changes made in April 2020 to the game's starting jackpot amount and the rate at which the jackpot increases between drawings. Those two figures are based upon sales and interest rates, with no fixed minimums.

Hello, Has the Mega Million game ever going back to prizes we saw before covid? Seems that there sales have rebound and going by the last record jackpot they had a few months back its time too..

Or are they going to milk this out for a long time.When they made changes they sure didnt drop the cost of it!

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