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April 16, 2021


Hi, Terry. I think you must be talking about the Winners page on the Iowa Lottery website where we highlight some of our recent winners. Sometimes a winner shares their story with us but doesn't take a photo with a ceremonial check. In those instances, we just show a confetti image where the winner's photo would be. And Dana, you are correct. State law requires that lottery winners' information is public here in Iowa.

I agree that publishing the names is setting people up for trouble. Is that something that has to be changed in the legislature?

I have also seen on the website under winners pictures, that a pattern appears there, and their name on top of the pattern. What's with that? I have some family situations that might possibly put me in danger. Maybe not publishing their town just the name and state.

I agree with Rose⬆️. But would also like more information on just a specific trust or llc type of entity claim, to stay anonymous

With the way that the world is these days, I just think that publishing the winners names is making them a BIG target.

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