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May 19, 2021


Hi, Thomas. The scanner at the lottery terminal, which is on the end of the ticket printer, is removable and can be used to scan the phone in your hand so the clerk does not have to touch it. All you have to do is show your screen to the clerk and they can pick up the scanner and hold it over your phone. We designed the scanner to be mobile specifically for instances like that.

The Lottery app is a nice touch. The only problem that I have with it is the retailer refuses to touch the players phone, quoting company policy. I've encountered this situation multiple times across Iowa while traveling. Would there be an easier way to use the app without handing the phone to a store clerk?

Hi, Lynn. Please know that here in Iowa, the question about online play is a legal distinction rather than purely business decision. It would take a change in state law for all lottery products to be sold online in Iowa. If you would like to make your voice heard on the matter, please feel free to contact the state lawmakers who represent your legislative district so they know your thoughts on this topic. By sharing your thoughts here, it helps us gauge the public's interest in playing online.

Hi, Bruce. In the case of pull-tab tickets, you are correct that they do need to be cashed at the location where they were purchased. That's a security feature designed to ensure the integrity of the games. But I will share your input with our planning team.

Will Iowa ever sell tickets online ? Other states do.

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