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June 04, 2021


I don’t have any misconceptions about the app, Mary. The totally USELESS app only does one play per Eslip. If you want to do five plays, for example, you have to fumble your phone back and forth five times as you search for each play slip then have the clerk scan it. The app only has ONE play on each Eslip—which makes it useless.

Hi, Dan. You are correct that InstaPlay games have features from both lotto and scratch tickets. In the case of when a jackpot-winning ticket hits in an InstaPlay game, think of InstaPlay tickets just like scratch tickets, but left in electronic form rather than being printed in advance in hard copy. Our lottery terminals are all networked in real time to one central statewide gaming system. So, when an InstaPlay ticket is requested by a player at a particular store, the lottery terminal there receives the next available electronic play. Just like in our scratch games, winning tickets (including jackpot winners) are randomly distributed throughout the supply of tickets in an InstaPlay game. Not even we at the lottery know when or where the next winning ticket will hit. There's not a trigger involved per se, it is simply the random distribution of winning tickets in the game.

this question involves insta tickits. what triggers a jackpot on an insta play ticket? scracth tickets are all printed in advance i asume so no one knows where or when they will come up. insta play tickets arn't. so what triggers a winner?

Hi, Kay. I'm sorry you don't care for the app, but I do want to clear up some incorrect information you have about it. You can choose to play a game like Powerball for multiple drawings at one time utilizing the app, just like you can using a paper playslip. And once you've created an ePlayslip on the app, you can save it so that you can quickly scroll through your saved playslips to purchase your plays. It's a pretty easy process, and as we've outlined in this blog entry, you definitely don't have to hand your phone to a clerk to scan it.

This is a joke. The phone app only handles 1play at a time. Who wants to switch to the app, let the clerk scan the code, take the phone back, go through the process of creating a new play, show it to the clerk, take it back, go through the process of creating a new play, take it back, create a new play, show it to the clerk—all while people are standing in line behind you, ad nauseam? Why even mention it?

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