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July 09, 2021


Sure, Mark. I'll send you the details. You can only choose from the number of advance drawings on the screen, which is 1-10 drawings in advance. I'll send you an email as well.

Hi Mary,

On the Lucky For Life Multi-Draw scenario that Elmer was talking about- Could you please email me the info also? We tried to figure it out this morning, and found that you could directly enter the number of plays, but not the number of draws. (This was on the new equipment)

Mark Chandler, Lotologist

Hi, Elmer. We will be replacing our Lucky for Life play slips here in Iowa to reflect a wider range of choices when it comes to advance plays in the game, but that won't happen until this fall. The Iowa Lottery's central gaming system, which links all our lottery terminals across the state, is being replaced this summer, and the play slip update will have to wait until after that occurs. But please know that there is a current option that allows you to purchase plays for up to 10 drawings in advance in Lucky for Life (including the seven drawings you have referenced). You can tell a clerk at a local lottery retailer that you want to buy Lucky for Life tickets for the specified number of drawings in advance that you prefer. The clerk can key in the number of drawings for which you want to purchase plays and the numbers you want to play. I will send you an email with an image that I hope can walk you through the process.

Is the new lucky for life ticket going to have a 7 drawings box to check? The current ones have a 6 or 8 choice but not a 7. I would like a 28 choice so i can play ahead when im in Arizona.

That's exactly right, Dusty. The app is a huge convenience, and a security feature because you don't have to give your ticket to anyone else to have it checked -- you can scan it yourself using the app. And signing your winning tickets when you've checked them on your mobile app will identify the prizes involved as belonging to you. (For those who haven't downloaded the app to their mobile device, here is a direct link to the page on our website where you can learn about it: https://www.ialottery.com/Pages/Games/MobileApp.aspx

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