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July 14, 2021


All good points, Kevin. And you're right: It MATTERS for people to check their tickets!

I'm trying to understand why or how people take the time and spend the money to buy a lotto ticket but never cash in on a win?
I feel like it's due to losing or misplacing the ticket?
The most important part of playing Lotto or Lottery is how you store the ticket after you purchase it so you can have the fun of checking to see if you have won a prize. My advice to all players is to,
#1 Have a safe place that you store your tickets.

#2 Carefully check and double check your tickets to see if you have won (this is the fun part)

#3 Treat all tickets like they are a million dollar winner including signing the ticket, until you are positive that the ticket has no value.

I hate to think about the many people that spend time and money buying a ticket and never experience the thrill of winning.
Good Luck to All and take good care of those tickets!!!

Unclaimed prize list currently has about $100,000 worth of unclaimed winnings listed.
If these people think handing over money to a cashier is fun? They should try actually PLAYING THE GAME they spent money on!

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