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October 06, 2021


You are spot on, Kevin! Thank you for reaching out and sharing your perspective. You knew your stuff -- both while you worked at a retail location and after.

CONTINUED FROM MY 1st BLOG.... An interesting fact ...

For many years I worked at Randall Foods in Cedar Rapids, this store was the #1 Lottery sales outlet in the state for many years, After the store was sold and went out of business, the Hy-Vee store located about a mile away became the #1 Lottery sales outlet in the state.
This tells me that certain locations are HOT Spots for Lottery sales no matter what the population in the area is.

This also tells me that Lottery sales are more based on people in an area that like to gamble, have the money to gamble, and actually buy tickets.

Lottery is gambling and a RANDOM game of CHANCE,
just play if you want to and HAVE FUN!
No matter where you live!

Georges math is interesting but it's not just winners per population,
It's how many tickets are sold no matter what the population is.

Here is an easy experiment to prove the more purchases equals more winners theory....
Buy 2 tickets and see how many winners you get,
Then buy 25 tickets and see how many winners you get??
the fact is more plays will always equal more winners.

Have fun playing wherever you are, Your odds are the same no matter where you live!

Hi, Todd. Great question. That same concept does apply to InstaPlay games. But I can identify with what you're saying -- even after all the years of working at the lottery, I'm still learning about communities in Iowa for the first time! But in all seriousness, an InstaPlay game in many ways is a scratch game left in electronic form. Rather than printing hard-copy tickets in advance, lottery terminals around the state instead print out the next available play when someone purchases a ticket in that InstaPlay game. You as the InstaPlay player are getting the next available play in the game, and winning tickets are randomly distributed throughout the supply of tickets in an InstaPlay game just like they are in a scratch game. So, we never know when or where the next big winner will hit -- it may be in a small town, or it may be right where you are. :)

Would this logic apply to the instaplay games here in Iowa? It sure seems like a majority of the progressive games are won in smaller towns (some of which I’ve never heard of)😎. Or is this game designed that way? Thanks for your feedback.

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