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November 06, 2021


Hi, Kevin. You are correct that any system involving human beings will be flawed simply because of that human factor. Both ball-drawing equipment and random-number generators have their own vulnerabilities, and lotteries have security procedures in place to best address those. We strive for continuous improvement on that front as technology and our own experiences evolve. You are also correct that this particular legal case was in some ways the worst day for lotteries and in some ways the best day for lotteries in terms of what we learned through it and the improvements we were able to make because of it. The sentence involved in the case was determined by prosecutors and the courts.

Quote-"The Lottery takes seriously its responsibility to provide its players with accurate information and quality products"

As I read about Eddie Tipton wanting to appeal his sentence, I again wonder if a computer generated lotto system is 100% random or if it may be possible to program the system to control the numbers picked or not picked to also control when a Jackpot is or is not won?

To be completely random the numbers should be chosen by hand by a blindfolded and glove wearing random person that does not work for the Lottery. Now that's truly random.

A computer is easily programmed (Eddie Tipton proven)to choose or avoid certain numbers to control the out come of the drawing. The balls in a hopper and air picked is closer to truly random, but this can also be manipulated by the weight of certain balls being adjusted to control the balls that are picked.
Not saying the Lottery rigs the draws, just saying the possibility exists, and to be truly random the draw system should be done in a manner something like I stated earlier in my comment.
I do think Tipton needed to be held accountable for his actions, but the fact that the opportunity existed to successfully cheat the system tells me the system has flaws and if the lottery wants to be truly random the draw system needs some work!

Lotto players should THANK Eddie Tipton for uncovering a flawed system, and I also think that Eddies sentence was a little extreme considering no one was injured and he has been ordered to pay the money back.
On the other hand maybe the lottery prefers to control the outcome of it's Lotto games???

Another quick update: Any eligible tickets that you have already purchased in the game can still be entered into the holiday promotion.

Hi, Teri. Those details are in this blog entry, and here they are for you: Any players who have questions about the results of a ticket in the Reindeer Games scratch game should contact Iowa Lottery Security at 515-725-7900 or wmaster@ialottery.com. A lottery security investigator will follow up with you after we receive your contact.

i have a ticket that shows i won 20 but the machine says its a loser what do i do with it i have had it for 2 weeks

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