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January 27, 2022


Hi, Mark. In the first comment posted to this blog entry, I gave the tips that worked for the two previous folks who needed to take some extra steps so their phones would fully recognize the app update. Please try those on your phone and see if they help. If your phone is still freezing after that, please email our Webmaster account at wmaster@ialottery.com and we'll keep working with you!

Hi Mary! I'm now seeing a glitch when scanning tickets- I have a Google Pixel 3XL, Running Android Version 12 and your app is up-to-date.

When scanning tickets, about 2 times out of 3 the app freezes and does not return the results. If I get out of the app (go to something else) and then return to the app, it shows the result.

You may contact me if you have more questions- Thanks!

For nearly everyone with the app, the update is happening automatically and all features on it are available right away, including ticket checking. We've heard from two players who needed to do some extra steps, and their fixes worked as well. Here is what they did, from a helpful tips perspective: One man said he updated the app, then completely shut down his phone, waited a minute, and restarted it. His phone immediately was then able to recognize the app update. The second man was having trouble scanning more than one ticket at a time after he made the app update. He uninstalled and reinstalled the app on his phone, and then cleared his cache and memory. He also was then able to proceed without any other issues. Glad it's working!

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