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January 06, 2022


Hi, Carrie. To the best of my knowledge, the mobile app is working successfully on the iPhone X. Here are some trouble-shooting tips to help. Sometimes all it takes is shutting your phone down and powering it back up. But try these steps: 1. Turn off WiFi on your phone and check the app's behavior when using the cellular provider’s mobile data network. Some WiFi installations block access to the lottery website due to policies associated with gambling sites. 2. Please confirm that the lottery app has permission to use your phone's camera (for Ticket Checking) and device location (for Find-A-Retailer). Permissions to use those resources are requested by the app when it is installed, but the user has the option to not grant those permissions. Permissions for Camera and Device Location must be given for ticket checking and find-a-retailer to work. 3. It may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the lottery mobile app. On your phone, select the icon for the LotteryPlus App and “uninstall.” Perform a full reboot of your phone. Then go back to the app store and install and fresh copy of the LotteryPlus App.

FYI I’m unable to check tickets with and iPhoneX.

Hi, Toni. If you are successfully receiving a response with the results of your ticket through the mobile app, the results are accurate. In the situations where folks have been unable to check their tickets, they try to utilize the camera screen on their mobile phone, but it never takes the photo or processes it. Essentially, it is unable to complete the process, so a results message for the ticket involved is not provided.

So I purchased 5 of the same scratch off ticket neither were winners after checking on my phone so is it showing accurately when it does check it? Just asking cause I have that phone.

Thanks for the update on working on this. I have been waiting. I just love to check my ticket. I be waiting to hear from you all.

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