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January 10, 2022


Hello. The comment you made comes from folks in a lot of different areas -- rural, urban, big town, small town, east/west, etc. It's something we address in the FAQs on our website because it seems to be a myth that's based upon the area you're from, no matter where that is. We think the root of the situation is that people will never be truly satisfied unless they're the ones who win the jackpot! In reality, people can and do win lottery prizes every day. And just to clarify, here is a link to the map page for the fourth drawing in the Warehouse Dash promotion. None of the winners were from the Des Moines area. They were from numerous other communities around the state. https://www.ialottery.com/Images/Promotions/2021/WarehouseDash/WarehouseDashMap_Draw4.jpg

Ok I am not getting this situation at all but I would like to know why all the "instant" play tickets that have been won are all around Des Moines area, all these second chance drawings, always winners around Des Moines, like your trying to keep the money around the lottery headquarters. This last second chance drawing you map it and it sure as heck is all in des moines area, just amazes me how these second chance drawings and all your instant games oh, yeah your pop up games how all the winners choosen are all in and around Des moines area.

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