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February 17, 2022


Hello, Judgeman. You are correct that the add-ons you mentioned in Pick 3, Pick 4 and Powerball are not offered here in Iowa. But they are separate features from the numbers available to play for the game's drawings. The numbers you can choose from when making your play are not impacted by the add-on features. That is why it is possible for there to be a mix of states when it comes to the add-ons -- some states offer them and some states do not.

Again I say why does the iowa lottery use indiana pick 3 and pick 4 numbers when it is NOT the same game. Indiana uses five balls in pick 3/4 and we cannot use the extra ball they play which does impact the numbers a person chooses to play. The game is not for the most part your choice when your making us play against a five number draw. Everyday I get screwed by indianda extra ball. There are over 13 states that offer pick 3/4 games that play it the way iowa wants to use only 3 or 4b balls they need to go with a state that plays that way. You got powerball double play that's like telling people they are playing powerball but have to use power double play balls to win...no different. Play the game and use the numbers that that game calls for quit finding states to use there games buy your rules that don't apply to us. Iowa did this to us with the illinois game now doing it with Indiana games totally stupid thinking at the lottery

Numbers LOW/Numbers HIGH, Don't you know, we all gotta GO and DIE !!!!

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