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March 11, 2022


Hey Pam guess what?? New people running the Lottery won't change the odds of winning! The fact remains that where ever the most tickets are sold will have the most winners! Want to test this fact out?? Here's a simple experiment you can do to prove it, and have some fun!

Buy 30 of any tickets you want and see how many winners you get?
Then buy 5 of any tickets you like and see how many winners you get?
The odds are always going to lean to more tickets purchased equals more winners.

If you buy tickets in Wisconsin from an area that is a
"Hot Spot" then Lucky You?

I'd say if you don't have fun playing Lottery then stop playing

We need new people running the Iowa Lottery. I play in Wisconsin during the summer and they beat Iowa 150%. Also I have never heard of anyone from the small town's around us win in any of your promotions even though we buy our tickets in the City. So don't give me your lame excuses.

A nice player friendly rule on this "Play it Again" contest is the fact that ALL tickets, not just non-winners but winning tickets too are eligible to enter.

A while ago you told us to start saving our tickets, you never mentioned that they wouldn't be considered. I had to throw out tickets we saved because the dates were wrong. Please inform us what dates you want saved.

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