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July 15, 2022


Hi, Jackie. We've been sharing the news about that change in the Lotto America game for a few months now. Lotto America now has drawings three nights per week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The first Monday drawing in Lotto America was held on July 18.

make sure you watch he dates on your lottery tickets. My husband went to kwik shop on Monday the 8th to buy our tickts for the week. we play 3 days for powervall, 2 for mega million and 2 for lotto america. Well this week after checking Wednesday lotto america I noticed that the first date on the ticket was 7/18 which was Monday. I don't know how that happened since lotto america isn't played on Monday.

This is why it's best to fill out a play slip and hand it to the retailer to get the correct tickets and number of plays and draws.

IF there is a second chance game for say, powerball, 5 plays on one ticket = 1 second chance entry. where as: buy 5 plays on separate tickets = 1 play per ticket would give you 5 entries.

Another really good point about lottery terms, George! Plays are the bets you place for the drawings. The drawings -- or draws -- determine the winners from among the bets placed/plays purchased!

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